Cosmoteer Tournament Guide

  • Requirements for joining the Tournament

    • MUST meet the minimum age of 15 (exceptions can be made).
    • MUST have a working Microphone
    • MUST have TeamSpeak 3
    • MUST have good knowledge of the English language

    Informations about you

    • Your Ingame-Name (optional also the real name, not the family name)
    • Are you a Member of a Clan? When yes, what's the name of the Clan.
    • How old are you?
    • How long did you played Cosmoteer?
    • Did you already played in a Tournament before?
    • Tell us a little about your self

    Last but not least

    • Do not come to Teamspeak to bother the Team about your application
    • Do not post in the Teamspeak and ask us to look at your application. You can see if it has been watched in the Forum.
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